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Whether in the theater or on stage, at trade fairs or events, in television or sound studios, in showrooms or for decorative advertising purposes – we are specialized in the development, production and distribution of individual special textiles for the event sector.

In our collection we offer fabrics with special properties such as flame retardancy, sound absorption, opacity, elasticity or washability.


Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Since 1954, VAN CLEWE, which is based in Dingden, has specialised in the development, finishing and refinement of all kinds of high-quality textiles.

Due to our own finishing possibilities VAN CLEWE DEKO-TEX is a highly innovative manufacturer of event textiles.

With approximately 50 production facilities and around 200 qualified employees, 100% of the production is located in Germany.

deco fabrics

Eye-catchers for decoration purposes, salesroom design, trade fairs, events, the theatre or stage – DEKO-TEX develops high-quality and aesthetic decorative fabrics in different colours and with the following special properties:

  • flame retardance
  • sound absorption
  • long lifetime
  • pvc-free

>> Hamburg 160 g/m² | 130 cm
>> Hamburg 160 g/m² | 300 cm


black-out fabrics

Classic articles are absolutely opaque and can also be produced in black-out versions. New creations have also been developed with high-quality properties for use in trade fair and stage construction.

  • flame retardance
  • sound absorbing
  • opacity – black-out
  • soft falling fabric
  • long lifetime
  • cut resistance; the goods do not fray
  • pvc-free

>> Frankfurt black-out 360 g/m²
>> Stuttgart 260 g/m²


Trevira CS

Trevira is a world-famous brand for flame-retardant polyester fibre. These fabrics do not only feature outstanding flame-retardant characteristics, but are also available in an extensive colour range.
Because of the variety of colours and technical characteristics the fabrics are extremely versatile.

  • flame retardance
  • sound absorption
  • excellent fastness properties
  • neutral odour
  • long lifetime
  • washable
  • pvc-free

>> Kiel 320 g/m²
>> Lübeck Molton 200 g/m²
>> Lübeck Nessel 200 g/m²

stretch fabrics

For a visually impressive and lively performances for events, presentations and the design sector DEKO-TEX develops modern stretch fabrics.

  • flame retardance
  • flexible textiles
  • fold-resistant
  • very lightweight
  • printable
  • PVC-free
  • diverse indoor applications
  • easy handling
  • no noise development
  • weldable
  • long lifetime

>> Magdeburg 220 g/m² (NEW)

floor fabrics

For the field of  stage construction DEKO-TEX has developed coated and non-coated cotton products, thus rounding off the collection range for the event sector. The floor fabric can also be used as a paintable stage background.

  • flame retardance
  • long lifetime
  • cut resistance
  • pvc-free
  • good flat-laying properties
  • paintability
  • non-slip properties

>> Dresden 490 g/m²
>> Dresden antislip 610 g/m²



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